TAR v0.1 Released!

Season's greetings, fellow itchlings!

We have finally made it. v0.1. It's now available to download!

Some notable additions and improvements:

  • New areas: Dalwood progress, Town progress, Catacombs, & Crossroads
  • Control changes
  • Movement speed and burden affect changes
  • Revised magic system
  • AI Improvements
  • 2nd Arena match option
  • Hefting ragdolled characters
  • Day/Night cycle improvements
  • Graphical Improvements
  • Bug fixes

We have included a Linux option which, at the moment, is entirely experimental. We have not tested it at all... Let's know how it works. :)

Also, saved data from the first demo is incompatible with the new version, so new characters will have to be created. Unfortunately, This is probably going to keep happening for a while until we get more of the game ironed out.

Anyway, after this release we are going to take a bit of a break, most likely. 

Enjoy merry holidays and have a happy new year!


the-arcane-relics-windows.zip 281 MB
Version 0.1 Dec 23, 2017
the-arcane-relics-windows-64.zip 283 MB
Version 0.1 Dec 23, 2017
the-arcane-relics-linux-universal.zip 308 MB
Version 0.1 Dec 22, 2017
the-arcane-relics-osx-universal.zip 301 MB
Version 0.1 Dec 22, 2017

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